A Nest of Vipers

"A Nest of Vipers" was an enjoyable and easy read but I wasn't wowed with my first experience of the Commissario Montalbano series. I'm pretty sure something has got lost in the translation from Italian to English but it's still quirky, fun and mostly light-hearted, getting 3 stars from me.

Syrian Brides

"Syrian Brides" is an entertaining peek into what life is like for women in Syria. Through 11 short stories, the author covers a range of marital problems while also highlighting the warmth and compassion a relationship can bring. It's 4 stars from me.

Rare Birds Book Club: January 2019

New year, new book! After signing up to the Rare Birds Book Club in November 2018, I decided to skip December’s read as there was just too much going on (wine, food and hangovers!) to give my full attention to another book. Now 5 days into 2019, January’s book has landed on my door step.

In Patagonia

I'm not sure why this is considered a classic as I don't really feel that I've learned much about Patagonia at all. Instead of Chatwin's mostly insignificant anecdotes, I'd have preferred to learn a little about the environment, nature, culture and politics of the place. There were some enjoyable snippets though so "In Patagonia" is getting 2 stars from me.