Rare Birds Book Club: November 2018

I came across the Rare Birds Book Club at Stylist Live last week. Named by the magazine as a company to watch in 2019, I knew that I just had to sign up! I hadn't heard of this subscription before, but as they've only recently celebrated their first birthday, I'm sure this is a brand that will grow and blossom in the future.

Reading in Heels UK Subscription Box: November 2018

I spent the beginning of November away from the office so I've only just got my hands on November's Reading in Heels Box. Despite devouring the sweets and using all of the bath oil from October's box, I still haven't got round to reading last month's book. This seems to be becoming a trend so let's see what this month's box has in store...

Good Samaritans

It’s my stop on the “Good Samaritans” blog tour! Not one for the fainthearted, Will Carver's "Good Samaritans" is an intense read. Full of twists and turns that left me shocked, this book is complex at times and unlike anything I've read recently.  If you're looking for something dark, disturbing and explicit, I'd recommend checking this book out.


"Lullaby" is gripping and it's definitely a thriller, but I don't know if there is much more I can say. From page one we know how the story is going to end, so the pages explore why and how this has come to happen. When the final page is turned, we still don't really know the answers so let's say I enjoyed it but I need some more time to process what I've read to truly appreciate it. 3 stars!

Stay With Me

Although "Stay With Me" is full of grief and sadness, it’s beautifully written. Focused on marriage, love, family and motherhood, it explores how people need more than love to be truly happy. It wasn't perfect for me, but still a good 4 stars