The Man I Think I Know

"The Man I Think I Know" is a lovely story of male friendship and overcoming life's difficulties. It may be cheesy and predictable in parts, but it works and I've returned this book to the library with a smile on my face. Mike Gayle's getting 4 stars from me for this one.Β 


My Name is Lucy Barton

Full of poignant moments, "My Name is Lucy Barton" is a story of few words but one full of meaning. Lucy is looking back at her life and the people who have helped shape it. It's realistic and it's honest. I'm scoring my first Elizabeth Strout book 4 shiny stars!

Hotel Iris

"Hotel Iris" is a novella that's opened a whole world of literature to me. Translated from Japanese, Ogawa tells a difficult story in a beautifully simply way. It may not be for everyone, and I know that this kind of book is always going to receive mixed reviews due to its tricky subject matter, but the writing style is right up my street and I personally can't wait to read more.