Reading in Heels UK Subscription Box: October 2018

One thing subscription boxes certainly do is make you realise how quickly time flies! I haven’t even got round to reading September’s book yet and here’s October’s box reminding me to get a move on!



1. Sympathy by Olivia Sudjic

2. Bath & Shower Oil from @AromatherapyAssociates

3. Tea bags from @heathandheathertea

4. A face mask by @Spacemasks

5. @wallyandwhiz_official Gourmet Gummies


When I opened this box I was slightly disappointed on first glance, only really because of the colour scheme that I usually love so much! Unlike previous boxes, October’s box wasn’t as colour coordinated as I’ve become used to. That said, what’s inside really isn’t a disappointment and once the picture has been taken, who cares about the colours anyway?!

I hadn’t actually heard of “Sympathy” before, but having done a bit of research into it, this book sounds right up my street. Alice Hare moves from England to New York and becomes fixated on Mizuko Humura, a Japanese writer. This book landing on my door step kind of feels like fate as I’ve just gained a slight obsession for Japanese writer Yōko Ogawa (Revenge, Hotel Iris), although I suspect that Alice’s obsession may be a little more dangerous that my own… (update: see my review here.)


The other items in this box are cute. The face mask is a nice treat and something I wouldn’t normally by myself. I’m intrigued by the description which promises the mask is going to heat up instantly and send me to sleep. The description also claims these have become a cult buy so I’m expecting big things!

As I’ve said before, I’m also a big fan of both tea and baths, so those items are good for me too, especially as the bath oil contains ginger (my favourite).

The sweets this month are the second lot of gourmet wine gums I’ve had from Reading in Heels and I’ve not found either of them to be all that special, but it’s always nice to have something sweet nonetheless!

So in general it’s been another good month from Reading in Heels! After my last post I also won a competition with them, nabbing myself a set of three Joan Didion books – look out for these reviews in the next few weeks! (update: see my first review here and the second here)

Have you tried any book subscription boxes? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments!

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