Book Review: Overshare: Love, Laughs, Sexuality and Secrets by Rose Ellen Dix & Rosie Spaughton

Overshare: Love, Laughs, Sexuality and Secrets
by Rose Ellen Dix & Rosie Spaughton

Publication date: October 4th 2018
Publisher: Trapeze
Pages: 257


Rose and Rosie are known for their candid and hilarious YouTube videos… but now they are taking oversharing to a whole new level. Discussing sexuality, revealing secrets and empowering others, OVERSHARE is a book packed with Rose and Rosie’s unique take on friendships, fame, mental health and LGBT issues.

As visibly out members of the LGBT community, they open up about their own experiences, both together and as individuals, and have written this book in the hope that it gives strength to those who have faced similar difficulties. They are spreading a message of positivity and inclusivity, and want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin, no matter what their sexuality.

Delve deep into the unfiltered highs and lows of Rose and Rosie’s life: family relationships, secrets of a happy marriage, struggles with OCD and anxiety, finding love and navigating the world as a gay couple. Get ready to laugh, cry, cringe and OVERSHARE.

Source: Goodreads


I won this ARC in a Twitter competition (thanks @PoppyStimpson!) and I must admit I had never actually heard of Rose and Rosie. Whoops, sorry, probably not a great start…

Before I started reading I did watch a couple of their videos on YouTube. Rose and Rosie had gained around 150,000,000 views by May 2018 and I’m sure this number has increased since then. As I didn’t want to/have time to watch the hundreds of videos on their channel, I was relieved to read in the first few pages that the authors had considered this when writing their story. They intended this book to be suitable for their fans and also for people who don’t know them but are interested in learning a bit more.

That said, I was a little worried that I’d feel like an outsider, or someone reading the diary of a stranger. I’m not a part of the LGBT community myself and I wasn’t sure what type of book this was going to be.

As it turns out, I didn’t need to be worried, Rose and Rosie write like they are your best friend. Their style is very conversational with jokes, sarcasm and a whole lot of honesty along the way. It’s very honest, the girls talk about some difficult subjects such as suicide attempts, broken families and day-to-day homophobia, but they do so with humour and I found it quite difficult to put down, devouring it in a couple of days (oh plus The Sims was mentioned a fair few times and that’s always going to win me over…!)

I won’t say that I’m now Rose and Rosie’s biggest fan (I’m sure there is plenty of competition for the top spot), but I enjoyed their debut book and will try to keep an eye out for their videos every now and again.

Overall rating: Rose and Rosie have put together an honest look at their lives and how they have become the people they are today. As YouTube stars with around 750,000 followers, these girls are entertaining and it felt like I was having a chat with two of my close friends. I’m sure their long term fans will love it even more than I did, it’s 4 stars from me.

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