Reading in Heels UK Subscription Box: November 2018

I spent the beginning of November away from the office so I’ve only just got my hands on November’s Reading in Heels Box. Despite devouring the sweets and using all of the bath oil from October’s box, I still haven’t got round to reading last month’s book. This seems to be becoming a trend so let’s see what this month’s box has in store…    


1. States of Passion by Nihad Sirees

2. Korres Begamot and Jasmine Body Milk

3. Nemi Chai Tea by @nemiteas

4. A tiny fudge brownie bite from @honeyrosebakery

5. A selection of 4 postcards with inspirational quotes


November’s box has a Syrian theme. When I think about it, Syria is a country I know very little about so I wouldn’t have identified the theme myself without the little explanation card.

The book of the month is “States of Passion”. Set in Syria, away from the conflict-ravaged country that we hear about today, this book promises a love story during Aleppo’s golden age of music, art, wealth and culture. I’ve got a pretty large TBR list right now, but this book is joining the pile and I’ll let you know what I thought of it soon!

2018-11-14 08.35.24 2.jpg

The other items in the box also follow the Syrian theme. The tea is subtly spiced and the body milk uses Jasmine, the national flower of Syria. I think the brownie has just been included for us to enjoy though!

While they are a nice touch, I’m not sure I’ll be using the postcards – I don’t really send post and if I do, it’s usually a (more private) card!

I’ve decided to take a break from Reading in Heels as the books I’ve received so far haven’t really been my cup of tea. I’m not saying goodbye forever, but for now it’s time to explore other subscription services out there…

Have you tried any book subscription boxes? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Reading in Heels UK Subscription Box: November 2018

  1. I’ve only tried the Book Box Club box so far, but I loved it, and it made me want to try other boxes. I have one coming from Unicorn Crate this month, but I can’t get that too often because shipping from the USA cost almost as much as the box!
    This one sounds lovely – although I’m not much of a tea drinker, perhaps my husband would enjoy that whilst I enjoyed the other treats. Thanks for reviewing it!


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