Rare Birds Book Club: January 2019

New year, new book!

After signing up to the Rare Birds Book Club in November 2018, I decided to skip December’s read as there was just too much going on (wine, food and hangovers!) to give my full attention to another book.

Now 5 days into 2019, January’s book has landed on my door step.


January’s book is “Dear Mrs Bird” by AJ Pearce. Set in the midst of the London Blitz, heroine Emmeline Lake is an aspiring journalist who dreams of being a war correspondent.

Described as a being a delightful piece of historical fiction full of wit and warmth, I’m looking forward to starting this book and getting involved in the member’s chat on the 20th of the month (update: see my review here)

As a little extra this month, members have been invited to the 2019 Rare Birds Reading Challenge. For every month you read, you’ll be entered into a monthly prize draw with a gift promised after 12 active months. Best get started…!

Have you tried any book subscription services? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments!


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