Book Review: Black Matter by G.D. Parker

Black Matter
by G.D. Parker

Publication date: January 28th 2019
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 326


The future is now… it’s terrifying!!!

Imagine if a complete stranger could take control of your mind and body and make you commit heinous crimes. Crimes that you have no memory of committing but no one will believe you because all the evidence points towards you and with mind control only really happening in books and films, it could never happen in reality….right?

Getting the Inter-body Profiling Examination Application (IPEA) implant was supposed to enhance Tommy McGregor’s health and wellbeing. Make him healthier, better looking and live forever. But instead he had swiftly found himself losing his girlfriend, his job and ending up a man on the run.

DI Valentina and her partner DS Roberts find themselves investigating a complex case where nothing is what it appears. The hunt is for a dangerous psychopath, hiding behind a digital mask, a killer who is prepared to go to any lengths to implement their twisted plan. The hideous perpetrator has used our high demands on increasing technology to create a perfect weapon. The motives are traditional, the methods are incredibly intelligent and monstrous.

Nothing is what it seems…

A terrifying, crime, thriller, mystery, it feeds your imaginative mind’s eye – a fast-paced “whoisit” techno thriller, creepy crime novel with a plausible twist of science fiction that will leave you guessing until the end, (or will it?) As it leaves the hairs on your arms standing on end, you will uncontrollably turn each page in this first book of this trilogy – The Black Series.

Source: Goodreads


Tommy McGregor just had an IPEA implanted into his central nervous system. It’s a device intended to track your health statistics and give you updates and suggestions on a connected app (drink more water, get more sleep etc.).

“A lot goes on inside your body you are unaware of. The idea of the IPEA is to highlight things that are unknown to you and to assist in you living a longer, healthier life by taking action when required.”

Technology is always developing and I’m sure it won’t be too long until things like this actually exist. It’s a scary thought and just like a story out of Black Mirror, you have a sense from the start that this little chip is too good to be true and you know that this isn’t going to end well.

Of course it is too good to be true and slowly things begin to go wrong for Tommy – think unexplained black outs and heinous crimes commited against those around you and you’re on the right track. The story that G.D. Parker tells has so many twists and turns that you couldn’t really see this all coming from the start.

I liked how British this book was. It’s set in South Wales and the mention of places like Costa and Asda really made me smile at times. I didn’t love the writing though and there were a couple of times when the story went off at a completely irrelevant tangent or we were given unnecessary backstories of very minor characters. I think that the book could do with a bit of fine tuning here and there, but it’s self-published and I completely appreciate this.

Overall rating: “Black Matter” is like a story from Black Mirror, a frightening peek at where technology may take us. When Tommy McGregor gets an implant to track his health statistics he never imagined the tragic consequences. The premise is great – 3 stars from me.

Thanks to the author G.D. Parker and Rachel’s Random Resources who sent me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. You’ll find the author on Twitter here.

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