Book Review: Expectation by Anna Hope

by Anna Hope

Publication date: July 11th 2019
Publisher:  Doubleday
Pages: 336


Hannah, Cate and Lissa are young, vibrant and inseparable. Living on the edge of a common in East London, their shared world is ablaze with art and activism, romance and revelry – and the promise of everything to come. They are electric. They are the best of friends.

Ten years on, they are not where they hoped to be. Amidst flailing careers and faltering marriages, each hungers for what the others have. And each wrestles with the same question: what does it take to lead a meaningful life?

Source: Goodreads


I really really liked this book. Exploring the highs and lows of the friendship of three British women, I’ve fallen in love with Anna Hope’s new book “Expectation”.

These three women are Hannah, Cate and Lissa. They’re in their thirties, looking back at their younger years and wondering how they got to where they are now. It’s all about expectation vs reality and really, who can say that their life is truly how they expected it to be when they were younger?

Life for the trio in the present day is a struggle. They used to live care-free in a flat in a fancy part of London but now Hannah is struggling to conceive, Cate is a struggling new mum and Lissa is still struggling to make it in the acting world.

I think maybe I liked this book so much because I can relate and see myself in so many of the choices made by these women, especially in their younger years. They stick to Rioja because they’re not sure they’ll enjoy other types of wine and they have boozy picnics in the park during the summer months. These women seemed so real to me and when the years pass and the women are no longer living together, it felt understandable that their friendship has suffered a little.

I really engaged with this book and finished it in a couple of days. Exploring themes of motherhood, love, friendship and feminism, what’s not to like?

I’ve not read any of Anna Hope‘s work before this and have heard that this is her first piece of contemporary fiction so I assume her other books must be of different genre. I’ll definitely be looking for more of Hope’s work after enjoying this one.

Overall rating:  “Expectation” explores how female friendships change over time. I found it to be very relatable and enjoyed learning about the lives and friendships between Hannah, Cate and Lissa. It’s 5 stars from me!

Thanks very much to Alison Barrow over at Doubleday for sending me this proof copy! This is a completely honest review so if this sounds like your thing, please support the author and give it a read – it’ll be released on 11th July 2019.


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