Blog Tour: The Love Delusion by Nicola Mostyn

The Love Delusion
by Nicola Mostyn

Publication date: 5th September 2019
Publisher: Piatkus
Pages: 384

It’s my stop on the “The Love Delusion” blog tour! Thanks very much to  Rachel’s Random Resources and author Nicola Mostyn who have kindly provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

If you’d like to learn more about this book, check out the other blogs on the tour, see what people have to say on  Goodreads and head over to the author’s Twitter page. If this sounds like your kind of thing, you’ll find the book on Kindle and paperback on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.



That’s the belief of Frida McKenzie, devoted member of The Love Delusion movement, determined to cure humans of our ridiculous obsession with love.

But there’s something she’s forgotten…

When Frida finds a mysterious picture of herself with a man she barely knows, the certainties she has about her world begin to unravel.

What are the sinister roots of the cult that seems to have gripped humanity? Why can’t she remember anything about her life before-including the strange(ly attractive) man in that picture?And just when exactly did she take up fantasy role play?

As a battle approaches that’s been millennia in the making, it’s beginning to look like there’s only one question that really matters: if love conquers all, what happens when it’s gone?

Source: Goodreads


Reading the first couple of chapters of this book, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re reading a rom-com, but keep reading and you’ll find something so much more.

Frida McKenzie is a successful divorce lawyer and a devoted member of a movement called “The Love Delusion”. This movement has one purpose: to cure the world of our obsession with romantic love. So when Frida is asked to introduce a sermon by the movement’s founder, she’s over the moon. Frida is dedicated to “The Love Delusion” and being chosen to take on this important task is a real honour.

Then one day Frida finds a photo in her house that she can’t explain. She’s pictured having a picnic with a man she doesn’t know. It has to have been photo-shopped, right? But she’s certain that its her own handwriting is on the back of her picture, so how is that even possible?

As Frida investigates the meaning behind this photo, the story takes a dramatic twist, completely changing genres. I must admit that at first I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy the rest of the book. With magical and fantastical themes, I questioned whether this was going to be my kind of thing, but I kept at it, and I’m so glad that I did.

This book is fast paced and I flew through the story with suspense. I won’t say too much more about the story but I will say that this is an action packed magical adventure with refreshingly strong female characters. Leading lady Frida is brave, gutsy, honest and at times sarcastic. There’s also a beautiful bad-ass character called Psyche who I really enjoyed reading about and something about her made me think of Jodie Comer from Killing Eve or Natalie Dormer from GoT (perhaps one of these would be an ideal casting for a TV adaptation? If I’m in charge, I reckon Elisabeth Moss would be a good Frida!)

“The Love Delusion” is so unlike the books I usually read and it made a really nice change to read something a little different. Mostyn writes really well and I’d recommend giving it a go!

Overall rating: “The Love Delusion” is a genre defying magical adventure. It was refreshing to see some strong female leads in this type of story and I really enjoyed the fast-pace. It’s 4 stars from me!

“The Love Delusion” works well as a stand alone book, but is also the sequel to “The Gods of Love” featuring the same leading characters. Both of these books are available to by on Amazon UK and Amazon USA .

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