Book Review: A Little Romance by Alix Kelso

A Little Romance
by Alix Kelso

Publication date: 2019 
Publisher: Lake Falls Publishing 


An unlikely friendship. A new chance at happiness.

Stacey Marshall has a huge crush on a customer at the Shaw Street minimarket where she works, but is too terrified to do anything about it. At only twenty-three she knows she should be far braver in life, but can’t quite work out how.

Arthur Davidson is heartbroken after the death of his wife and struggling with the aches and pains that come with old age. His grumpy demeanor hides his loneliness and keeps people at bay, or so he thinks.

When an unfortunate accident brings Stacey and Arthur together, they soon find themselves at the beginning of a strange and unlikely friendship. Can they help each other to take steps in new directions in their lives or are they just too set in their ways to be brave enough to find happiness?

Curl up and enjoy this sweet, funny, feel-good novella from the Fairhill series of books.

Source: Alix Kelso


“A Little Romance” is a lovely little novella by Alix Kelso, the author of “The Perfect Moment.”

This is the story of two residents of Fairhill, the fictional setting of Kelso’s first book. One of those residents, Mr Davidson, also features in the first book as a grumpy customer at Valentino’s, but apart from a few complaints about tomatoes, we don’t learn much about him.

Arthur Davidson is an elderly widower, estranged from his adult son since his wife’s death. Arthur lives alone and he’s lonely, but he’s not quite ready to admit it. He visits his wife’s grave regularly and deep down wishes that she could respond when he tells her what’s been happening in his life.

“He wished Edith was here. She would’ve patted his hand and clicked her tongue and sympathised, and then told him to stop being a silly old fool and get himself a walking stick. And he would’ve laughed and felt a little better about things because that was the magic she’d always been able to work on him.”

I loved the other main character, Stacey Marshall, from page 1 when I found out she was just a normal girl using Impulse True Love! Stacey works in Fairhill’s minimarket and she’ll do anything she can to try and impress a regular customer that she’s taken a fancy to (and dubbed Gorgeous Guy). She’s so besotted that when he turns up in his white van and flashes her a smile, she’s left trembling at the knees.

“He comes in a couple of times a week looking all gruff and manly. When he leaves, I’m a slobbering wreck. I don’t have a chance with him, I know that.”

Stacey is a kind, caring person and as soon as she meets Arthur, she knows that she needs to do something to help get him out of his slump.

This story is so lovely and it’s nice to read such a positive story for a change. I also really enjoyed the idea of exploring the lives of some of the characters from the first book in a kind of spin-off. This isn’t something you see a lot of but I always enjoy reading about places and people I know and I almost felt that I actually knew Fairhill for myself, smiling at the mention of The Crooked Thistle and the tomatoes in the omelette incident from book one.

“I’m not looking to get married, Granny,” Stacey said. “Maybe all I want is a nice little romance.”

Overall rating: “A Little Romance” is a feel-good story that’s a lovely addition to the Fairhill series by Alix Kelso. Exploring themes of loneliness, grief, friendship and romance, this novella is a quick read that’s bound to put a smile on your face – 5 stars!

If you like the sounds of this novella, you can read it for free! All you need to do is sign up to Alix Kelso’s newsletter. Alix’s novel is available to buy on Amazon UK.

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