Book Review: Every Time He Dies by Tara East

Every Time He Dies
by Tara East

Publication date: November 5th 2019
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 370


Daphne Lawrence is haunted. Two years ago, her fiance died in a terrible accident, her mother passed away from cancer and she stopped speaking to her father. As an embalmer, Daff is used to the company of dead people, but she isn’t used to them talking back. In fact, Daff isn’t used to anything that could be considered woo-woo including, but not limited to: psychics, crystal, meditation, tarot cards, vision quests and coincidences. Too bad that’s everything she’s experiencing.

Daff is forced to confront her own long ignored grief when she discovers a haunted watch buried in the sand at Golden Beach. The problem is, her ghost has no memory of his former life or how he died.

As Daff seeks to discover the spectre’s identity, dangerous truths and hidden secrets are revealed. Soon, she finds herself in the middle of an on-going homicide investigation led by Detective Sergeant Jon Lawrence, her father. A story about grief, time and identity, Every Time He Dies will leave you wondering whether our dearly beloveds ever really depart.

Source: Goodreads


“Daff heard her heart like a gunshot: click, crack, boom.”

Wow, I loved this book!

Daphne Lawrence is a young woman living in Brisbane and it’s fair to say that she’s not had an easy few years. Estranged from her father, she recently lost her mother to cancer and her fiance in a car accident. Her life is nothing like she had imagined it would be and now she’s working in a funeral home, preparing bodies for burial.

Then one day Daff picks up a watch on the beach, she’s not sure what compelled her to do so, but this watch leads to a number of events that change her life.

The chapters flick back and forth from daughter to father as we explore and reveal the details of a crime. There’s something in these pages for everyone, from gang crime, to tarot card reading, from grief to anger and rage. There’s a disintegrated family, there’s a ghost, there’s a few murders and even a bit of comedy too.

I really enjoyed this well-crafted story, from the crime and police elements right the way through to some of the more fantastical, paranormal parts. The characters were realistic as well as being vibrant and I felt a real connection with grief-stricken Daff, especially when he was questioning her own sanity and mental health.

I’d love to see this story as either a film or TV series (Netflix, pick this up!) and would highly recommend this to fans of crime fiction. This is a debut novel but don’t let that put you off, it’s fab and very well written!

“With a quick nod that made her head spin, Daff crossed the small bathroom and walked through Liam’s unmoving figure as she headed for the motel door, twisted the nob and stepped out into the cool of the night.”

Overall rating: ‘Every Time He Dies’ by Tara East is a very well written, fast paced story of gang crime in Brisbane. I was hooked from page one and really enjoyed exploring the mystery behind a number of murders. I’d definitely recommend this one, it’s 5 stars from me!

Tara East kindly sent me a copy of her book in exchange for my honest review. I really did love this book and if it seems like something you’ll enjoy too, head to her website to find out more. You can also follow Tara on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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