Blog Tour: Death Makes No Distinction by Lucienne Boyle

Death Makes No Distinction (Dan Foster Mystery #3)
by Lucienne Boyle

Publication date: September 20th 2019
Publisher: SilverWood Books
Pages: 263

It’s my stop on the “Death Makes No Distinction” blog tour! Thanks very much to Rachel’s Random Resources and author Lucienne Boyle who have kindly provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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Two women at opposite ends of the social scale, both brutally murdered.

Principal Officer Dan Foster of the Bow Street Runners is surprised when his old rival John Townsend requests his help to investigate the murder of Louise Parmeter, a beautiful writer who once shared the bed of the Prince of Wales. Her jewellery is missing, savagely torn from her body. Her memoirs, which threaten to expose the indiscretions of the great and the good, are also missing.

Frustrated by the chief magistrate’s demand that he drop the investigation into the death of the unknown beggar woman, found savagely raped and beaten and left to die in the outhouse of a Holborn tavern, Dan is determined to get to the bottom of both murders. But as his enquiries take him into both the richest and the foulest places in London, and Townsend’s real reason for requesting his help gradually becomes clear, Dan is forced to face a shocking new reality when the people he loves are targeted by a shadowy and merciless adversary.

The investigation has suddenly got personal.

Source: Goodreads


“Death Makes No Distinction” is part of a series of novels about Principal Officer Dan Foster of the Bow Street Runners, but it works perfectly well as a stand alone book.

I’ve never read anything in the series, so this was my first encounter with Dan and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. When we meet Dan at the beginning of this book, he’s been called in to investigate the death of a woman in a tavern in Holborn. She’s been raped and beaten before being left in a shed outside the pub. Dan starts looking into the crime but is soon recruited to work on a more high-profile case investigating the death of a wealthy socialite with links to a Prince. With two very different cases on his hands Dan is left torn between his loyalties and what he personally thinks is the right thing to do and he needs to decide which of these women he’s going to prioritize his time for.

What I liked most about this book was the description of the city. I really enjoyed reading about 18th Century London, especially as London is a city I know well. The author shows two clear sides to the city at the time, from royalty and aristocrats right down to petty thieves and prostitutes.

I don’t think I’ve ever really considered that where big brand furniture shops now stand on Tottenham Court Road, there were once stables and fields, or that some of London pubs I’ve sat with a pint in were once home to brothels and possibly murders just like those described in Lucienne Boyle’s book.

“Dan remembered Gower Street before the houses had been built. Once these fields had been a favourite spot of duellists; now new properties were steadily encroaching on the land.”

The story was well written and I was engaged throughout. I was impressed with the atmosphere the description created and I’m sure a lot of research has gone into this book which I really appreciated.

There were a few small things that I wasn’t so interested in, such as the boxing aspects, but in general this was a great read. I’d recommend the story for fans of crime and murder mysteries and will be keeping an eye out for more books in this series.

Overall rating: “Death Makes No Distinction” tells the story of the murder of two very different woman living in Georgian London. The story was well written and I enjoyed trying to work out who was responsible for each of the deaths. This book gets 4 stars from me!

Don’t forget to check out the reviews of other blogs on the tour and if this sounds like your kind of book, support the author by picking up a copy on Amazon UK.

2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Death Makes No Distinction by Lucienne Boyle

  1. Thank you for a lovely review. I’m glad you liked the London descriptions – I lived there for many years and when I’m walking around, often feel that the old versions of it are still there somewhere – if only in the imagination!

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