Book Review: Setting the World on Fire by Maggie K.C. Au

Setting the World on Fire (Gaslighter Trilogy Book #1)
by Maggie K.C. Au

Publication date: TBA
Publisher: TBA
Pages: TBA

I read an ARC, draft copy of this book and at the time of writing, the book is still in the in the midst of its final edits.


Rebecca DeMeyer is an heiress, but oblivious to the real world. All she knows is the private life she had grown up to… fancy dinner parties, private school, and she’s a total good girl. But what happens when she meets Beau, Jai, and Kal? These boys live in a world of drugs, sex, and brotherhood… and they’ve got plans for ‘Becca’.

Source: Goodreads


Rebecca DeMeyer is a naive 17 year old girl with little knowledge of the real world. She’s like a child with absolutely no experience of drugs, sex and alcohol and she has never really had to do anything for herself in life.

One day she meets Beau, Jai and Kal Joswick, three brothers from a completely different world to her what she knows. They are drug addicts, strippers and general bad boys.

Innocent and inexperienced, Rebecca believes that these guys are her friends. As she spends more time with the trio, Rebecca begins to realise how sheltered her life has been so far and she begins to strip back some of her perfection by changing her wardrobe, hair and name.

For the most part I enjoyed this unique coming of age story. At first I was really annoyed at how naive Rebecca was and couldn’t believe some of the things she was saying and doing but as the story went on, Rebecca grew on me and I was routing for her to be okay.

I read this quickly over a couple of days and the story definitely kept me engaged throughout. There were a few niggles for me, but as I have read a draft version of this story so I won’t comment on those publicly.

Once this is published, I think it’ll be a really great read for fans of young adult fiction.

Overall rating: “Setting the World on Fire” is a unique coming of age story. Having had everything she ever wanted in life, Rebecca DeMeyer is oblivious to reality. Rebecca finds her feet in the real world and learns the ugly truth about it too. This book was good and I’m sure that with some fine tuning, author Maggie K.C Au will be able to publish this as a great YA read.

Thank you to the author Maggie K.C. Au for sending me a draft copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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