Blog Tour: A Dark Matter by Doug Johnstone

A Dark Matter
by Doug Johnstone

Publication date: 23rd January 2020
Publisher: Orenda Books
Pages: 300

It’s my stop on the “A Dark Matter” blog tour! Orenda Books have provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, so thank you to Anne Cater for the invite. If you’d like to learn more about this book, check out the other blogs on the tour, see what people have to say on Goodreads and head over to the author’s Twitter page.


When Sam falls in love with Deptford thug Derek, and Anne’s best friend Meet the Skelfs: well-known Edinburgh family, proprietors of a long-established funeral-home business, and private investigators. When patriarch Jim dies, it’s left to his wife Dorothy, daughter Jenny and granddaughter Hannah to take charge of both businesses, kicking off an unexpected series of events. Dorothy discovers mysterious payments to another woman, suggesting that Jim wasn’t the husband she thought he was. Hannah’s best friend Mel has vanished from university, and the simple adultery case that Jenny takes on leads to something stranger and far darker than any of them could have imagined. As the women struggle to come to terms with their grief, and the demands of the business threaten to overwhelm them, secrets from the past emerge, which change everything. A compelling, tense and shocking thriller and a darkly funny and warm portrait of a family in turmoil, A Dark Matter introduces a cast of unforgettable characters, marking the start of an addictive new series.

Source: Goodreads


“A Dark Matter” is the first in a new series featuring the Skelf family, and what a family they are!

The Skelf family run a well-established and reputable business with two branches: funeral directing and private investigation. Granted this is an odd mix, and the funeral home side of things is a little more prominent and successful, but the family seem to be doing a great job at both. When the head of the family Jim dies, the three women in his life are left to handle both of these businesses.

This story is a really great mystery from all sides. Jim’s death has uncovered some secrets that his wife Dorothy can’t understand, for example why is Jim making regular payments to a young woman whose husband once worked for them? Jim’s daughter, Jenny, has some investigation of her own to do, having taken on a PI case for the business and Jim’s grandaughter Hannah has her own mystery going on too, because her friend Mel hasn’t been seen for a number of days.

What I really liked about this book was that there was so much going on. I enjoyed reading about the investigations of all three women and as all three of their stories were told simultaneously, they intertwined in a way that made you want to keep reading with several chapters ending in a cliff hanger. I find that sometimes in a thriller or mystery, the story drags on as clues are uncovered, but this definitely wasn’t the case in this engaging read.

As the title implies, this story is quite dark but it’s unique and certainly one I enjoyed. The characters were great too. They’re strong, independent women and I can’t wait to read about where they’ll be later in the series.

This is great, I’d definitely keep your eyes peeled for this once published!

Overall rating: I’ve been won over by the Skelf women and the mysteries they are trying to uncover in “A Dark Matter”. This is a unique mystery and thriller that will keep you engaged throughout. It’s 5 stars from me!

Don’t forget to check out the reviews of other blogs on the tour and if you like what you’ve read about it, support the author by picking up a copy on Kindle or Paperback through Amazon UK.

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