Book Review: Media Queen by Michelle Prak

Media Queen
by Michelle Prak

Publication date: May 4th 2020
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 296


Jordyn Fairweather has worked hard to reach the top of the magazine world, but now she’s in trouble.

Younger media stars are scrambling to steal her crown, and companies are collapsing around her in the face of a new threat – the internet.

She’s come a long way from small town Beddo, where she obsessed over teen glossies until pushing her way into an internship with Sixteen magazine. But if Jordyn’s empire is going to survive, she needs to move fast and keep reinventing herself.

Spanning the late 90s and 2000s, Media Queen is a compulsive read with an outrageous main character. It comes with the essential ingredient that Jordyn demands of all her stories: juice!

Book No 2 in the #HollyAnna series – following Goodbye Newsroom – Media Queen can also be enjoyed as a standalone novel. 

Source: Goodreads


“Media Queen” follows Jordyn Fairweather, an aspiring Australian journalist. Ever since her school days reading the teenage magazine Sixteen , Jordyn has dreamed of working for a magazine and in an attempt to get her foot in the door, enters a writing competition promising a published article within its pages.

On her quest for success, Jordyn becomes an awful person, but one that you can’t help but love and route for at the same time. She’s ambitious, she’s sassy and she’s determined to get her own way, even if that means hurting those around her.

This is a prequel to Michelle Prak’s “Goodbye Newsroom”, which I haven’t read, but also works well as a stand alone piece. It’s a wonderful piece of young adult fiction. I’m not sure that it’s marketed as such, but I know that teenage me would have loved this story! As a reader now, however, I couldn’t help but feel that this book was aimed at a younger audience, especially the school years which were the focus for just under half of the book. Unfortunately this meant that I struggled to connect with it at points.

That said, this was a fun piece of chick-lit. I sped through the pages and and enjoyed a couple of hours indulging in Jordyn’s bitchy climb up the career ladder.

Overall rating: “Media Queen” is a really fun, light and easy read about one woman’s ambition to become a success in the media world. I enjoyed the story for the most part, but felt that this was more of a YA read. It’s an enjoyable 3 stars from me!

Thank you to the author Michelle Prak for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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