Book Review: Parable by Jess Walter

by Jess Walter

The One series #2

Publication date: July 30th 2019
Publisher: Amazon Original Stories
Pages: 27


That’s not cool! #1 New York Times bestselling author Jess Walter finds his beloved Millie sleeping with his neighbor. On his porch!

In this funny remembrance of an unusual triangle, Jess learns to accept what’s best for the one animal he has ever loved. After all, he gave his heart to the Australian shepherd mix he’d rescued. What alternative has he other than to give the restless girl her freedom? But in doing so, Jess discovers more about himself, the nature of affection and attachment, the inevitability of loss, and how much Millie means to so many.

Jess Walter’s Parable is part of The One, a collection of seven singularly true love stories of friendship, companionship, marriage, and moving on. Each piece can be read or listened to in a single sitting, with or without company.

Source: Goodreads


After finishing the Inheritance Series, a collection of short stories published by Amazon Original Stories, I started The One series last year and them promptly forgot all about it (sorry!).

“Parable” is my second read of this series. It’s a poignant short story by Jess Walter, the award winning American author. The book is autobiographical and tells the story of Jess and his dog, dipping into his own history growing up on a farm and briefly covering a life time of memories with his dog Millie, an Austalian shepherd and blue heeler mix.

This tiny book is full of lovely moments and I think I probably had a smile on my face the whole way through. The story is written conversationally so the flow is very natural, like chatting with a friend. There are elements of humour in these pages, but most of all this is an honest love letter to our four legged friends.

“..anyone who has been in love knows that love is just the beginning. You learn more every day, every year, every decade, and not just about the object of your affection, but about yourself, and the nature of love itself, and eventually, about the nature of loss.”

This is a short story and with only 27 pages, I’d say it was very much worthy of your time. If you’ve not read any of the Amazon Original stories yet, I’d really recommend you do.

Overall rating: “Parable” is a lovely story about one man’s love for his dog. It’s a poignant read and one that’ll make you smile, and possibly cry! This was a great 5 star read for me.


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