Book Review: Stories to Make You Smile

Stories to Make You Smile
edited by Fanny Blake

Publication date: April 23rd 2021
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Pages: 128


Even the strongest of families aren’t immune to malice, betrayal, and deceit. Supportive, loving, and affluent, the Pi

A seriously entertaining collection of feelgood stories guaranteed to put the smile back on your face written especially by ten bestselling novelists:

Jenny Éclair
Mark Watson
Veronica Henry
Eva Verde
Richard Madeley
Katie Fforde
Dorothy Koomson
Vaseem Khan
Helen Lederer
Rachel Hore

From a hilarious race against time to a moment of unexpected eavesdropping, from righting wrongs in rural India to finding joy in unlikely places, these stories are all rich in wit and humour, guaranteed to lift your spirits and warm your heart.

Stories to Make you Smile is a co-commission between The Reading Agency and Specsavers as part of World Book Night 2021.

Source: Goodreads


This book was put together as part of World Book Night 2021, the annual celebration of books and reading. I actually didn’t read this on the night, but I know that many did. If you’d like to read the book yourself, you can download a free copy from the World Book Night website.

In short, this is a collection of 10 short stories written by a whole host of established names. For the most part I enjoyed the collection and I think this is a really good way to find authors that you like and would be interested in reading more from.

Unfortunately I didn’t find the collection to be particularly inspiring and some of the stories actually didn’t make me smile, as the title had promised, but that’s not to say I hated it! There were some stories that I liked more than others. I liked Richard Madeley’s ‘Job Opportunity’ and I’d say that that one has stuck with me the most since finishing the book. I also quite like the story about blind dating.

I probably would have been less pleased had I paid for this book, but for free, this is a lovely little read and I’d recommend you spend an hour flicking through the stories.

Overall rating: “Stories to Make You Smile” is an enjoyable read that you can pick up for free. A great way to get into reading and discover new authors. I didn’t love all the stories, but it was still a nice 3 star read.

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