Audiobook Review On Borrowed Time by Adam Croft

On Borrowed Time
by Adam Croft

Publication date: September 29th 2020
Publisher: Clipper Audiobooks


Each morning, the first train of the day leaves Oakham station and thunders through a tunnel under the village of Manton. But today the driver sees something that changes his life: A dead body hangs in the tunnel’s exit.

DI Caroline Hills knows this isn’t a suicide. It’s murder. And when a second apparent suicide appears in Rutland, Caroline uncovers a shocking link: the victims knew each other.

As Rutland Police fight to catch the killer, a group of friends is left with an even more shocking realisation. One of them is the murderer. And one of them will be the next to die.

Source: Goodreads


I recently read ‘What Lies Beneath’, the first in the Rutland Crime series, and I wanted to give the next book a try to follow up with the characters I’d got to know, despite my initial reservations about doing so. The second book is called ‘On Borrowed Time’ and again I listened to this in audiobook format from my local library. I’m pleased to say, I enjoyed this one a little more than the first!

Just like book one, this is a detective crime story set in Rutland, England. In this story, a man is found hanging over the train tracks. At first glance it seems like a suicide, but as the team begin to look into it, it becomes increasingly likely that this was a murder.

DI Caroline Hills is back again, battling chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, but still determined to get to the bottom of this case as the body count continues to rise. Caroline and her DS, Dexter, work together, talking to the friends and family of the victims in search of a connection.

For me, this story was a little more gripping that the first. It’s still an easy read, but something about this story had a hold on me and I wanted to find out what was going on. The short chapters kept the pace high and I finished this book relatively quickly.

I’m much more into this series now and I would like to know where the story goes next. The setting of Rutland makes for a really descriptive story and I could clearly picture the events as they were happening. I’d recommend this series for anyone looking for a new detective murder mystery.

Overall rating:  “On Borrowed Time” by Adam Croft is a fast paced detective story set in Rutland. It’s easy to read but there’s plenty to keep you thinking throughout and in all this was a great read – 4 stars!

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