Audiobook Review: Someone I Used to Know by Paige Toon

Someone I Used to Know
by Paige Toon

Publication date: June 24th 2021
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK


So much can change in half a lifetime…


At fifteen, George is the foster brother Leah never asked for. As the angry, troubled boy struggles to come to terms with his circumstances, Leah finds herself getting drawn closer to him.

Theo’s wealthy family have mysteriously pulled him out of boarding school and he’s now enrolled at the local state school with Leah and George. When their worlds collide that summer, the three teenagers form a bond they believe will be unbreakable. But life doesn’t always go to plan…


Shocking news brings Leah back to Yorkshire, baby daughter in tow. But Emilie’s father Theo isn’t with them, and George has unexpectedly returned. After half a lifetime, have they healed the scars of their pasts? Will coming back home set their hearts in a different direction?

Source: Goodreads


After previously reading Paige Toon‘s “If You Could Go Anywhere“, I wanted to try another of her books.

“Someone I Used to Know” is highly praised and considered one of Toon’s best.

Told through alternating chapters, this book tells the story of then and now for our leading lady Leah, the biological daughter of a couple of have selflessly fostered many children over the years. Then, Leah is a teenager, taking the bus to school, now, she’s an adult, moving back home with young daughter.

I listened to this book and I found that the differences between then and now weren’t all that clear cut. There were times when I thought I was in the past only to realise I was wrong and vice versa. I would imagine that’s clearer in print.

What I liked most about the story was learning about the friendships between the characters in each timeline. Learning what’s to come gives a nice touch to the past and knowing the back story gives depth to the future. Hearing the stories of those who had been fostered was interesting and it certainly made me think more about a system that doesn’t often cross my mind.

Apart from that, I wasn’t so keen on the storyline, which overall I felt to be a little bland. I continued to listen expecting something more, but it didn’t materialise. Just like “If You Could Go Anywhere“, I found it to be a nice, easy read, I think I was just looking for a little more excitement.

Overall rating: “Someone I Used to Know” is a nice read about a young woman who grew up with many foster siblings, looking at their past and present. I enjoyed the read but I was expecting more from the storyline, a 3 star read for me.

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