Blog Tour: Janet Jackson’s Yorkshire B&B by Becky Papworth

Janet Jackson’s Yorkshire B&B
by Becky Papworth

Publication date: July 21st 2022
Publisher: Cancan Press
Pages: 265

It’s my stop on the “Janet Jackson’s Yorkshire B&B” blog tour! Thanks very much to Rachel’s Random Resources and author Becky Papworth who have kindly provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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Dental receptionist and Yorkshire lass Janet Jackson (no, not that one) has just turned her garage into a Bed & Breakfast – and without any experience at all, is now awaiting her very first guests. What can possibly go wrong? Helped by sulky teenage daughter Chloe and hindered by sex-mad sister Maureen, Janet lurches from one crisis to another, relying on her Yorkshire wit and wisdom to get her through with her bank balance, her love-life and her sanity intact. A word of warning: if you’ve ever dreamed of running a B&B read this book and, like Janet, you’ll probably do it anyway.

Source: Goodreads


Janet Jackson has decided to set up a bed and breakfast, but she has absolutely no idea how to run one. Is it even legal? Not sure, should probably research that… How much should I charge? Are pets allowed?

Along with her daughter Chloe and her sister Maureen, Janet is about to discover that running a B&B takes a fair amount of planning, cleaning and general know-how!

I really enjoyed this light-hearted read about Lavander Cottage (not my spelling mistake, but Janet’s… whoops, she decides just to go with it!). It’s fun and entertaining and I feel like I’ve just finished reading a snippet of Janet’s diary. Like a stream of consciousness, there are points where I think Janet gives us a little too much information, especially when not related to the plot in any way, but these bits just add to our picture of her life and how difficult running a B&B can actually be for someone with so many other commitments!

I found the book to be really uplifting and just so optimistic. The characters were comedic without being unrealistic, each with their own lives happening in the background of Janet’s venture. It was also fun to learn a little bit about each varied guest that comes to stay, the good and bad!

Each chapter ends with a tip from Janet. I really enjoyed these because they were so varied. There are little tips for raising a teenage daughter, for gardening, for exes and of course for running a B&B, or a self catered annexe as it later becomes. It was so nice to hear that some elements of this book come from the author’s experience.

If you’re looking for something nice and chilled, this is the book for you. It’s an easy read that’ll really put a smile on your face and I’m really impressed that this is a debut novel. Give it a go, you won’t be able to but fall for Janet!

Overall rating: Becky Papworth‘s debut novel “Janet Jackson’s Yorkshire B&B” is a really fun read. It’s a light-hearted story of Janet on a mission to own and run a successful B&B. Trickier than it sounds, this was a really entertaining story – 4 stars!

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