Blog Tour: True Courage by Kathryn Barrett

True Courage
by Kathryn Barrett

Publication date: October 18th 2022
Pages: 393

It’s my stop on the “True Courage” blog tour! Thanks very much to Rachel’s Random Resources and author Kathryn Barrett who have kindly provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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Some days it was hell being leader of the free world.

The Washington press calls him the “accidental president.” As a Medal of Honor recipient and national hero, Adam Dybik agreed to run for president during the country’s deepest crisis.

Now that things have stabilized, he’s got problems at home: his 14-year-old daughter Katie keeps ditching her Secret Service protection and reminding him he’s the world’s worst father. And on top of that, he’s begun hearing the voices of dead presidents. Either he’s going mad, or the White House is haunted.

As the new head of Katie’s Secret Service detail, Ellie Brody is trying to live up to the high expectations of her father, former agent Frank Brody. But her new job puts her in direct danger of succumbing to the president’s charm.

Can these two find love in the White House, under the most intense media scrutiny—and the watchful eye of Lyndon Johnson?

Source: Goodreads


Set in Washington D.C, Adam Dybik has somewhat unexpectedly found himself as leader of the free world. The new president and his 14 year old daughter Katie are settling in to the White House but it’s proving quite difficult in a number of ways.

As POTUS, Adam Dybik is battling the country’s deepest crisis and naturally this book follows some political topics, but it’s not deep and serious. In fact, “True Courage” is quite a light hearted read.

Beyond the day-to-day grind of work, Adam is struggling to connect with his daughter, who has no desire to be in the public eye and wants nothing more than to move back home to Chicago. She’s growing up to be a rebellious teenager who definitely doesn’t want a babysitter, or any Secret Service protection, but of course her life is at constant threat and Katie’s father only wants to keep his beloved daughter safe.

Adam recruits a new head of the team looking after Katie, Ellie Brody, and he’s hoping that Ellie has what it takes to keep his daughter under control.

What plays out is a fun romance with elements of family drama and political themes too. I can totally imagine this book being made into a Netflix movie as it definitely has those kinds of fun, easy reading (or watching) vibes.

The characters were well thought out and I had a clear imagine of the three main characters in my head as I read. I particularly liked Katie and her side of the story, as I would have thought that being thrust into the limelight without any desire to be there would be quite frustrating and her actions are probably quite realistic.

I don’t think this is a story that’s going to stick with me forever, but it was an enjoyable one and a fun, unique concept that I don’t think I’ve seen elsewhere. I’m glad to have read this book by Kathryn Barrett and if this sounds like your kind of story, I would recommend you give it a go too.

Overall rating:  A light-hearted story about a new president and his daughter, “True Courage” by Kathryn Barrett is an enjoyable read – 4 stars!

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