Book Review: Jack and Jill by Lucy Cavendish

Jack and Jill
by Lucy Cavendish

Publication date: February 2011
Pages: 93


Jill loves her little brother, Jack. She understands what he’s thinking, which is just as well because Jack won’t speak. There are plenty of things Jill doesn’t understand though. Why is her mum dumping her and Jack in the country? Why did her dad leave and she’s not allowed to talk about it? She doesn’t know why her aunt and uncle give her and Jack strange looks, or why they’re being talked about in the village. With a local country boy Jill decides to find out what’s going on and uncovers the appalling truth behind brother Jack’s silence.

Source: Goodreads


Another little book picked up in my local library, I’ve just finished reading ‘Jack and Jill’ by Lucy Cavendish. This is another of The Reading Agency‘s Quick Reads, from about a decade ago. If you’re not familair with it, this is a scheme which aims to make reading accessible to all.

At just 93 pages, this certainly is a quick read and I finished it in one sitting on my commute home from work.

As the title suggests, this is the story of young siblings named Jack and Jill. Their mother has taken them to stay with their aunt and uncle in the countryside, where they can spend time with the cows and chickens, but their not really sure why. Jill is an independent young girl, curious and inquisitive. Jack, however, is much more timid and for many years now, he hasn’t said a single word.

The story is really short, so to say much more would be a spoiler. It’s rare I say this, and I completely appreciate that it goes against the concept, but I would actually have loved to have read a longer version of this book. I felt that the story lacked detail that I really would have liked and there seemed to be so much more to the plot that could have been delved into. As a quick read, I felt this fell a little short.

The book was heart-warming and I couldn’t put it down, but when it came to a close, I wanted to know more.

Overall rating: A quick read, Lucy Cavendish’s book ‘Jack and Jill’ is a gripping tale. I was really into the story and wanted to learn more but then it suddenly ended. I would have loved this to be a little longer – 3 stars.

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