Book Review: Falling into Place by Amy Zhang

"Falling into Place" is a sad story which tackles some difficult subjects, from bullying to drug use to suicide. It's certainly not a happy read and is quite emotional at times. Unfortunately this book wasn't for me, I couldn't connect with the main character and this seriously affected how I felt about the whole thing - 1 star.

Rare Birds Book Club: March 2019

I've enjoyed every Rare Birds Book Club book that I've received and I've certainly been impressed with the selection so far! For some reason my shelf is looking a little bare at the moment, so when I found my latest parcel on my door step, I couldn't wait to see what was inside!

Book Review: The End We Start From by Megan Hunter

A short but powerful dystopian story that really makes you think. The UK is underwater due to rapidly rising sea levels and this book explores the story of one woman coping with motherhood, love, loss and chaos all at the same time. It's not your typical read so don't go in expecting full descriptive paragraphs and lengthy dialogue because that's not what you'll find. I really liked this one so it's 5 stars from me.