Blog Tour: I Can’t Tell You Why by Elaine Robertson North

It’s my stop on the “I Can't Tell You Why” blog tour! "I Can't Tell You Why" tells the story of a woman questioning the decisions she has made in her love life. Recommended for fans of contemporary romance that doesn't always go to plan - it's 4 stars from me.

Blog Tour: In The Company of Strangers by Awais Khan

It’s my stop on the “In The Company of Strangers” blog tour! Debut author Awais Khan tells a captivating story giving us a peek at life in high society Pakistan. This book isn't perfect but it is an eye-opening account that I'd recommend as a kind of modern day Pakistani Anna Karenina and if you don't know much about the country, give this one a try!

Blog Tour: #YouToo by Candy Denman

It's my stop on the #YouToo blog tour! This is a gripping mystery with likable characters. If you're a fan of British crime fiction, I'd recommend giving this one a go - it's 4 stars from me and I'll be keeping an eye out for more Dr Jocasta Hughes mysteries in the future.

Blog Tour: Good Samaritans by Will Carver

It’s my stop on the “Good Samaritans” blog tour! Not one for the fainthearted, Will Carver's "Good Samaritans" is an intense read. Full of twists and turns that left me shocked, this book is complex at times and unlike anything I've read recently.  If you're looking for something dark, disturbing and explicit, I'd recommend checking this book out.