Penguin Modern Series

Making my way through the 50 books in Penguin’s Modern Series. Click the links below to read my review of each.

Each little book in the Penguin Modern series offers a concentrated hit of its author’s work. From complete stories to essays and speeches to poems, these books celebrate the groundbreaking writers who today define the radical spirit of Penguin Modern Classics.

  1. Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King, Jr.
  2. Television was a Baby Crawling Toward that Deathchamber by Allen Ginsberg
  3. The Breakthrough by Daphne Du Maurier
  4. The Custard Heart by Dorothy Parker
  5. Three Japanese Short Stories by Akutagawa & Others
  6. The Veiled Woman by Anais Nin
  7. Notes of Nationalism by George Orwell
  8. Food by Gertrude Stein
  9. The Three Electroknights by Stanislaw Lem
  10. The Great Hunger by Patrick Kavanagh
  11. The Legend of the Sleepers by Dailo Kis
  12. The Black Ball by Ralph Ellison
  13. Till September Petronella by Jean Rhys
  14. Investigations of a Dog by Franz Kafka
  15. Daydream and Drunkenness of a Young Lady by Clarice Lispector
  16. An Advertisement for Toothpaste by Ryszard Kapuscinksi
  17. Create Dangerously by Albert Camus
  18. The Vigilante by John Steinbeck
  19. I Have More Souls Than One by Fernando Pessoa
  20. The Missing Girl by Shirley Jackson
  21. Four Russian Short Stories by Gazdanov & Others
  22. The Distance of the Moon by Italo Calvino
  23. The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master’s House by Audre Lorde
  24. The Skeleton’s Holiday by Leonora Carrington
  25. The Finger by William S. Buttoughs
  26. The End by Samuel Beckett
  27. New York City in 1979 by Kathy Acker
  28. Africa’s Tarnished Name by Chinua Achebe
  29. Notes on Camp by Susan Sontag
  30. The Red Tenda of Bologna by John Berger
  31. The Gigolo by Francoise Sagan
  32. Glittering City by Cyprian Ekwensi
  33. Piers of the Homeless Night by Jack Kerouac
  34. Why Do You Wear a Cheap Watch? by Hans Fallada
  35. The Duke in His Domain by Truman Capote
  36. Leaving the Yellow House by Saul Bellow
  37. The Cracker Looking-Glass by Katherine Anne Porter
  38. Dark Days by James Baldwin
  39. Letter to My Mother by Georges Simenon
  40. Death the Barber by William Carlos Williams
  41. The Problem That Has No Name by Betty Friedan
  42. The Dialogue of Two Snails by Federico Garcia Lorca
  43. Of Dogs and Walls by Yuko Tsushima
  44. Madame Du Deffand and the Idiots by Javier Marias
  45. The Haunted Boy by Carson McCullers
  46. The Garden of Forking Paths by Jorge Luis Borges
  47. Fame by Andy Warhol
  48. The Survivor by Primo Levi
  49. Lance by Vladimir Nabokov
  50. Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer by Wendell Berry

Total read: 5/20