Book Review: The Hope Family Calendar by Mike Gayle

“The Hope Family Calendar” is a light and easy read looking at family relationships following a tragic loss. It was a little predictable and I felt that something was missing, but I enjoyed it - 3 stars.

Book Review: Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout

I’m not sure I understand the hype surrounding Elizabeth Strout‘s “Olive Kitteridge” but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Some stories I loved but some not so much and I’m beginning to feel that I may need to give it a second chance down the line. For now it’s 3 stars, but I’m not ruling this one out for a re-read at some point.

Book Review: The Muse by Jessie Burton

I found "The Muse" to be a little underwhelming. I can imagine someone with an interest in art may have enjoyed parts of this book more than I did, but in general it was just an okay read. I enjoyed the charming characters that the author, Jessie Burton, has created and can appreciate that this certainly has a well crafted storyline but as I wasn't entertained, it's 3 stars from me.

Book Review: Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante

I can certainly see the potential and appeal of "Troubling Love" to some but this just wasn't my thing at all. Full of uncomfortable and necessary details that seem to have no purpose whatsoever, I felt there wasn't really a story to tell. The characters were not likeable, the story was not interesting and I was generally confused. I'm giving Elena Ferrante's first novel 1 star.

Book Review: Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun by Sarah Ladipo Manyika

I enjoyed reading about the life of Morayo Da Silva, but I wanted more. This book could easily have been 300 pages and I would have enjoyed it just as much. That said, "Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun" gets a solid 4 stars from me. The plot is not action packed, so don't go in expecting it to be. It's simple but sweet, recommended for an easy read focused on the life and the personality of the characters themselves.

Book Review: The Man Who Wouldn’t Get Up and Other Stories by David Lodge

A collection of well written, quick and easy to read stories which are bound to make you smile - from a man who one day decides he doesn't ever want to get out of bed to a child who meticulously cares for his collection of fireworks only to be left disappointed. David Lodge has pieced together 8 intriguing stories set over different times and in different locations all of which kept me entertained and engaged. It's 5 stars for "The Man Who Wouldn't Get Up and Other Short Stories".

Book Review: Slade House by David Mitchell

Kooky and creepy, this story is completely different to things I've read before. This well crafted story is full of twists and turns which make this an engaging page turner that kept me gripped. I'm giving David Mitchell's seventh novel, "Slade House", five stars and adding Mitchell's 2014 book "The Bone Clocks", which I've heard is along the same theme, to my wish list.