Book Review: I’ll Eat When I’m Dead by Barbara Bourland

A satirical look into the fashion world, "I'll Eat When I'm Dead" explores the pressures faced by those in the industry while investigating a couple of deaths and throwing in a little bit of comedy too. I didn't love it and not being the most fashionable person, I didn't understand it all, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It's 3 stars from me.

Book Review: Private Dehli by James Patterson

Here's another quick page turner from James Patterson. #13 in the series, "Private Delhi" was a lot better than "Private India" and gave me a little more encouragement to pick up another. It was slightly confusing at times but as it was fast paced this didn't matter too much, especially when I was more interested in the gore! It's 3 stars from me.

Book Review: Swing Time by Zadie Smith

I found that this book didn't work for me. I enjoyed the first few chapters but I felt like I couldn't connect with the main character while jumping back and forth in time. I'd have loved a book with a little more Tracey and a little less Aimee, a little more school days and a little less plodding along building a school in Africa. After wanting to read this for so long, I'm sad to say it's 2 stars for Zadie Smith's "Swing Time".