Book Review: Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley

I gave "Running Like a Girl" 4 stars on my first read and I think I enjoyed it even more second time round. I'd recommend this book for anyone who wants to run, or is thinking about running, but needs that extra push to get out the door - 5 stars!


Book Review: Incendiary by Chris Cleave

An emotional and heavy read, Chris Cleave's "Incendiary" looks at the aftermath of a terrorist attack and how grief, guilt and loss can affect a person. I didn't love it as much as "Little Bee" but it's still 4 stars from me.

Book Review: The End We Start From by Megan Hunter

A short but powerful dystopian story that really makes you think. The UK is underwater due to rapidly rising sea levels and this book explores the story of one woman coping with motherhood, love, loss and chaos all at the same time. It's not your typical read so don't go in expecting full descriptive paragraphs and lengthy dialogue because that's not what you'll find. I really liked this one so it's 5 stars from me.

Book Review: Dear Mrs Bird by A.J. Pearce

"Dear Mrs Bird" tells the heartwarming story of plucky heroine, Emmy Lake and her best friend Bunty, two young women living in London in the 1940s. The characters are warm, funny and charming and all help to highlight the incredible impact that war had on people's personal lives, as well as the contributions of hardworking men and women at the time. I really enjoyed this one - 5 stars.