Book Review: Overshare: Love, Laughs, Sexuality and Secrets by Rose Ellen Dix & Rosie Spaughton

Rose and Rosie have put together an honest look at their lives and how they have become the people they are today. As YouTube stars with around 750,000 followers, these girls are entertaining and it felt like I was having a chat with two of my close friends. I'm sure their long term fans will love it even more than I did, it's 4 stars from me.

Book Review: Affinity by Sarah Waters

If I had seen a description of this book that described it as gothic, historial fiction, I'd never have picked it up. Learning it was paranormal would have put me off too, yet Waters' style is something different and I read every word with care. Some parts didn't sit quite right with me, dragging a little at times, but this was certainly an enjoyable read - it's 4 stars for "Affinity".