Audiobook Review: Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo

I listened to Kim Jiyoung's story in audiobook format and for me it was just okay. The author Cho Nam-Joo uses this story to illustrate a really important message though and I think this is worthwhile read, especially as it's so short. This was 3 stars for me, but I'd definitely still recommend it and may try reading, rather than listening, to this one again soon.

Book Review: Hotel Iris by Yōko Ogawa

"Hotel Iris" is a novella that's opened a whole world of literature to me. Translated from Japanese, Ogawa tells a difficult story in a beautifully simply way. It may not be for everyone, and I know that this kind of book is always going to receive mixed reviews due to its tricky subject matter, but the writing style is right up my street and I personally can't wait to read more.