Book Review: The Lion’s Den by Anthony Marra

“The Lion's Den" wasn't my cup of tea. I'd say it was my least favourite of the Inheritance Collection, mostly because I couldn't connect with it and there were some parts I just didn't understand. This read wasn't for me, but please don't let that put you off as others seem to have loved it!

Audiobook Review: Weather by Jenny Offill

“Weather” wasn't really a book I can say I enjoyed. I struggled to follow along some parts as the subjects flicked around in this inner monologue. This wasn't for me, but it's clear that it appeals to a lot of people and has been nominated for several prizes. Perhaps I'll give it another try some time down the line.

Book Review: Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante

I can certainly see the potential and appeal of "Troubling Love" to some but this just wasn't my thing at all. Full of uncomfortable and necessary details that seem to have no purpose whatsoever, I felt there wasn't really a story to tell. The characters were not likeable, the story was not interesting and I was generally confused. I'm giving Elena Ferrante's first novel 1 star.