Book Review: The Unloved by Deborah Levy

Deborah Levy's early novel "The Unloved" was odd and felt disconnected. I didn't really understand what was going on and therefore didn't enjoy reading it very much - 1 star.

Book Review: Falling into Place by Amy Zhang

"Falling into Place" is a sad story which tackles some difficult subjects, from bullying to drug use to suicide. It's certainly not a happy read and is quite emotional at times. Unfortunately this book wasn't for me, I couldn't connect with the main character and this seriously affected how I felt about the whole thing - 1 star.

Book Review: Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante

I can certainly see the potential and appeal of "Troubling Love" to some but this just wasn't my thing at all. Full of uncomfortable and necessary details that seem to have no purpose whatsoever, I felt there wasn't really a story to tell. The characters were not likeable, the story was not interesting and I was generally confused. I'm givingĀ Elena Ferrante's first novel 1 star.