Book Review: Give and Take by Adam Grant

Whilst I don't think it's revolutionary, I found the topic of "Give and Take" to be quite interesting and it sparked some really great discussion. The overall style wasn't to my tastes though and I'd have preferred not to have had the lengthy, detailed examples that dragged this book out for me. I wouldn't recommend it as a book, but won't be ruling out the work of Adam Grant going forward, because I think the message is good, it's the format that didn't quite work - 2 stars for the book.

Book Review: Fame by Andy Warhol

Another quick read from the Penguin Modern Series, this little book contains three sections of musings by artist Andy Warhol. I enjoyed it and found it quite interesting to read about this man and his life. Definitely recommended if that's something you're interested in. I'd give this one 4 stars.