Book Review: Small Thoughts and Poetry by Lucy Thatcher

Small Thoughts: and Poetry
by Lucy Thatcher

Publication date: 15th January 2020
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 129


Small Thoughts and Poetry is a collection of the raw and eclectic thoughts on the mind of the Black-British Feminist author, dark at times, it is an evolving journey and invitation to explore thoughts and opinions that are rarely acknowledged or even shared and the author’s desire to understand and make peace with them. Small Thoughts and Poetry is diverse and filled with a complex array of emotions and awe-inspiring honesty. Small thoughts is conversational and witty, taking the reader on an engaging journey of love, life and lessons learned.

Source: Amazon


I was a little apprehensive about reading this book at first, as my experience of poetry until now had only been reading war poetry as part of my GCSEs! I needn’t have been worried though, as ‘Small Thoughts: and Poetry’ is nothing like that at all. Instead this is a collection of conversational, chatty thoughts and notes written by Brixton born author Lucy Thatcher.

I really enjoyed this collection. At first I went in with the intention of reading the whole thing in one go as it’s only 129 pages, but I soon realised that this book was more appropriate for dipping into, and enjoying in small snippets.

Lucy Thatcher says that writing has been a therapeutic tool for her and I think because of this, a lot of these thoughts are very personal and I can imagine some of the situations that may have led her to write them. Spanning a diverse range of topics, including motherhood, childhood, memories, love, self-acceptance and exploration and even hair, I feel that I’ve learned a fair amount about Lucy Thatcher, her views and some of her life experiences.

Some of the thoughts are short and some a little longer. Some were just a couple of lines and the longest spanned five pages. I found that the shorter ones were a lot more powerful and conveyed a more important for me personally.

“Be self-aware. You will never know what others are thinking but it is a greater tragedy to never know what you are thinking.”

As is natural in a collection, I liked some of these thoughts a little more than others. I was really fond of ‘Hard Lessons’ and also ‘Perfection’ as both of those had a message I could relate to strongly. ‘Some Lovers’ really spoke to me as well. The final thought ‘Grown’ was definitely one of my favourites and I felt it was a great way of wrapping up the whole collection.

This is a lovely little read with some really important messages in these pages. The writing is witty, honest and emotional as the author shares her views, thoughts and opinions and invites the reader to do the same – perhaps I’ll give writing a try sometime!

“I hope to encourage other people to try writing or just to share their thoughts and feelings more honestly and for the world to respond in a way that makes people feel nothing less than beautifully human,

Overall rating: I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy ‘Small Thoughts: and Poetry’ and I’d encourage you to pick this up, even if you don’t think that poetry is for you as this is conversational, like having a chat with one of your friends. This is an honest, emotional collection which I’m rating 4 stars!

Lucy Thatcher kindly sent me a copy of her e-book in exchange for my honest review. If this sounds like your kind of thing, support the author by picking up a copy on Kindle or Paperback through Amazon UK.

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