Audiobook Review: The Holiday Cottage by the Sea by Holly Martin

The Holiday Cottage by the Sea (Sandcastle Bay #1)
by Holly Martin

Publication date: April 12th 2018
Publisher: W F Howes


The perfect place to fall in love this summer…

Tori Graham is in need of a holiday. Trying to piece her heart back together after losing the love of her life, she escapes to Blossom Cottage, with its picturesque views of the sea. And plans to spend the summer in gorgeous Sandcastle Bay, where her best friend Melody Rosewood lives.

Tori’s not expecting her summer by the beach to be eventful, until she meets handsome and mysterious Aidan Jackson…

Aidan looks after the holiday cottage Tori is staying in. Healing from past hurts, he wants to avoid any further chance of heartache. But could this newcomer be the breath of fresh air he needs?

Finding herself embracing life in the coastal community, Tori starts to fall in love with Sandcastle Bay and its welcoming cast of residents. But that’s not all she begins to fall for, as Tori is swept away by Aidan’s genuine heart and mischievous sense of humour. The attraction between them is undeniable, but will a simple holiday romance be enough?

As Tori’s stay in Sandcastle Bay comes to an end she has a tough decision to make…. Has her heart found a new place to call home?

A joyously romantic summer read that will make you laugh, cry and fall in love. If you enjoy reading Sarah Morgan, Jenny Oliver and Lucy Diamond this book is for you. 

Source: Goodreads


“As Tori Graham navigated her way down the tight country, cliff-top lanes, she caught her first glimpse of the indigo sea, glittering and twinkling through the trees, and she felt some of the tension in the back of her neck seep away.”

I decided to dip my toe into the Sandcastle Bay series because it looked like a quaint, feel-good story and I wasn’t wrong! First in the series, “The Holiday Cottage by the Sea” is a cosy story about a young woman visiting the coastal town of  Sandcastle Bay, famous for it’s berries that grow in the shape of a heart.

Tori Graham has been really working hard recently and has decided to take a break by heading down to the sea to spend time with her best friends. Isla and Melody moved out of London to the idyllic bay following the sudden death of their brother and Tori hasn’t spent much time with them since so a visit is long overdue.

I listened to this one and I have to say, I wasn’t too keen on the narrator at first and struggled to get into it in the first half an hour or so. This clearly wasn’t a deal breaker for me though, as I soon got used to her inflection and style as I learned more about Tori and the residents of the sandy town she’s visiting.

This a really nice, uplifting story, full of friendship and romance too. Sure, it’s a little predictable and not a huge amount happens, but that’s okay as it’s feel-good and a really easy read. I was looking for something to make me smile and this certainly ticked that box.

The characters are fun and likeable, all with interesting lives and back stories. I think this series are ideal for your summer holiday beach read. I look forward to catching up with Tori and her friends in book two!

Overall rating: “The Holiday Cottage by the Sea” by Holly Martin is an uplifting story of friendship and romance. It’s a cosy read and I’m sure it’ll put a smile on you face – a 4 star read for me.

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