Audiobook Review: Christmas at the Beach Café by Lucy Diamond

Christmas at the Beach Café
by Lucy Diamond

Publication date: November 1st 2015
Publisher: W F Howes (first published November 7th 2013)


A Christmas short story from bestselling author Lucy Diamond, revisiting her Beach Café characters.

After a hectic summer running her beach café in Cornwall, Evie Flynn is looking forward to her first Christmas with new boyfriend Ed – she’s determined that it’s going to be the most perfectly romantic one ever. Cosy nights in front of the fire, spicy mulled wine, mince pies . . . what’s not to love? But the peace is shattered when Ed’s ex suddenly gets in touch again, and then some unexpected guests arrive: Ed’s surly brother Jake and Evie’s heartbroken best friend Amber. Add in the stress of trying to finish her very own recipe book, snow blizzards and family dramas and Evie’s Christmas starts to look as if it’ll be a total turkey. Will any of her festive wishes come true . . . or is this Christmas just a recipe for disaster?

An absolute Christmas cracker from Lucy Diamond, bestselling author of The Beach Café and Me And Mr Jones. This novella is the perfect present for anyone who loves women’s fiction, heartwarming stories and the festive season! 

Source: Goodreads


It wasn’t until a little way in to this book that I realised that “Christmas at the Beach Café’ is a follow up book to “The Beach Café” which I haven’t actually read, but that really doesn’t matter or take away from the book in anyway. This festive novella works really well as a standalone read and I felt I was able to get to know Evie Flynn and her boyfriend Ed quickly and seamlessly.

Evie has recently moved down to Cornwall and has just finished a rather hectic summer running her new café there. Now it’s Christmas and that comes with it’s own challenges, including unexpected cards on the doorstep and unexpected visitors knocking at the door.

I’m a little late for Christmas, but still enjoyed this warm, fuzzy story. It’s a light read but it’s one that will put a smile on your face and I would have happily enjoyed this as a full length novel. The characters are likeable and they feel like real people which is always a good thing. I can see myself being friends with Evie and visiting the café myself.

I’m very tempted now to go back and read the first book, and also dive in to other reads by Lucy Diamond as this was a lovely introduction to her work.

Overall rating: “Christmas at the Beach Café” is a short and sweet novella about a young couple at Christmas. It’s the kind of read that you can finish in one go and then put it down feeling warm and cosy. Just what I needed to get me through this cold January! 5 stars!

Thanks for reading! What did you think of this book? Or if you haven’t read it, would you like to? Drop me a comment and say hello!


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